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Soldiers' Soldiers - List of figures 1 - 367
list of individual figures which were made in London prior to 1985.

Many of the figures lent themselves to a variety of  paintings, depicting various Guards, Scots and Line Regiments, as well as many overseas units. These sets were made by request, and invariably in very small batches. These are now the rarest figures and command premium prices.
All figures are true 54mm, cast in lead alloy and painted in quality gloss paints. Boxes are typical long maroon cardboard boxes with card liners, and original labels. All figures march with the left foot forward. Most boxes contain an officer, NCO, musician and/or standard bearer. All stock was manufactured prior to 1985. Unless otherwise stated all figures are of the last full dress period 1880-1914 prior to the First World War.

Box No.  Type of Figure                  

1.Infantry  MOA                     
2.Infantry  GOA side cap                     
3.Guardsmen MOA                     
4.Infantry  MOA side cap            
5.Guardsmen POA                     
6.Fusiliers POA                     
7.Guardsmen GOA                     
8.Fusiliers MOA                     
9.Fusiliers GOA                     
10.Riflemen  MOA                     
11.Infantry  GOM side cap            
12.Fusiliers MOM                     
13.Infantry  MOM                     
14.Infantry  MOM side cap             
15.Guardsmen GOM                     
16.Fusiliers POM                     
17.Infantry  POM                     
18.Guardsmen POM                     
19.Riflemen  POM                     
20.Riflemen  GOA                     
21.Infantry  POA                     
22.Fusiliers GOE                     
23.Infantry  GOA                     
24.Riflemen  POA                     
25.Riflemen  GOE                     
26.Guardsmen GOE                     
27.Infantry  FSH  MOA                  
28.Infantry  GOE                     
29.Guardsmen MOM                     
30.Riflemen  POE                     
31.Infantry  GOM                     
32.Fusiliers GOM                     
33.Riflemen  GOM                     
34.Guardsmen POE                     
35.Riflemen  MOM                     
36.Infantry  POE                     
37.Artillery/Corps GOM               
38. Infantry sergeant POE
39.Fusilier sergeant  POE
40.Guards' sergeant POE
41. Infantry officer POE gaiters
42.Guard's officer POE waist sash
43.Guard's officer POM gaiters
44.Infantry sergeant GOE gaiters and side cap
45.Rifle officer GOE gaiters
46.Infantry sergeant GOE
47.Rifle officer at attention in gaiters
48.Fusilier sergeant GOA
49.Rifle officer at ease
50.Guards' sergeant GOA gaiters
51.Rifle officer at attention
52.Guards' colour bearer at attention
53.Guards' sergeant POM
54.Guards' colour bearer marching
55.Guards' officer at attention
56.Guards' sergeant at ease in gaiters
57. Infantry sergeant POM
58.Infantry officer marching with waist sash
59.Infantry officer at attention in gaiters
60.Infantry sergeant GOA
61.Infantry officer at attention with waist sash.
62.Infantry sergeant at attention in parade order.
63.Infantry officer at ease with waist sash
64.Guard's officer marching with waist sash
65.Infantry officer marching in gaiters
66.Guard's sergeant at attention in parade order
67.Naval officer at attention
68.Naval officer at ease
69.Naval officer marching
70.Sailors A gaiters                 
71.Sailors E gaiters                 
72.Sailors M gaiters                 
73.Sailors A gaiters,straw hat       
74.Sailors E gaiters,straw hat       
75.Sailors M gaiters,straw hat       
76.Guardsmen SOA great coat          
77.Guardsmen SOE great coat          
78.Guardsmen SOM great coat          
79.Fusiliers SOA great coat          
80.Fusiliers SOE great coat          
81.Fusiliers SOM great coat          
82.Fusiliers MOE                      
83.Infantry  SOA great coat          
84.Infantry  SOE great coat          
85.Infantry  SOM great coat          
86.Infantry  MOE                     
87.Guardsmen MOE                     
88.Riflemen  MOE                     
89.Riflemen  SOA great coat          
90.Riflemen  SOA great coat          
91.Riflemen  SOM great coat          
92.Infantry  FSH GOA                 
93.Infantry  FSH  GOE                 
94.Infantry  FSH  GOM                 
95.Art/Corps GOA                     
96.Art/Corps MOA                     
97.Art/Corps MOM                     
98.Art/Corps SOA great coat          
99.Art/Corps SOE great coat          
100.Art/Corps SOM great coat          
101.Sailors straw hat PO pa            
102.Art/Corps POE                     
103.Infantry  FSH MO  marching         
104.Infantry  side cap POA            
105.Infantry  side cap GOE            
106.Infantry  side cap POM            
107.Infantry  trop helmet POA         
108.Infantry  trop helmet POE         
109.Infantry  trop helmet POM         
110.Guardsmen POA great coat          
111.Infantry  POA great coat          
112.Fusiliers POA great coat          
113.Riflemen  POA great coat          
114.Art/Corps POA great coat          
115.Infantry  POA great coat, side cap 
116.Fusiliers POE great coat          
117.Fusiliers POM great coat          
118.Art/Corps POA                     
119.Infantry  POM peaked cap          
120.Guardsmen PO  pa                    
121.Fusiliers PO pa                   
122.Riflemen  PO pa                   
123.Infantry  PO pa peaked cap        
124.Guardsmen PO slm ra               
125.Infantry  PO slm ra               
126.Fusiliers PO slm ra               
127.Riflemen  PO slm ra               
128.Fusiliers POE                     
129.Art/Corps POM                     
130.Royal Marines POA                 
131.Royal Marines POE                 
132.Royal Marines POM                 
133.Highlanders GOA feather bonnet    
134.Highlanders GOE feather bonnet    
135.Highlanders GOM feather bonnet    
136.Hussars dismounted A              
137.Hussars dismounted E              
138.Hussars dismounted M              
139.Lancers dismounted A              
140.Lancers dismounted E              
141.Lancers dismounted M              
142.Dragoons dismounted A             
143.Dragoons dismounted E             
144.Dragoons dismounted M             
145.Rifle officer marching in gaiters.
146.Fusilier sergeant in parade order marching.
147.Rifle officer marching.
148.Infantry POE side cap             
149.Royal Marine sergeant in parade order at attention.
150.Royal Marine sergeant in parade order at ease.
151.Royal Marine sgt POM
152.Royal Marine off POA waist sash
153.Royal Marine off POE waist sash
154.Royal Marine off POM waist sash
155.Infantry sgt POA peaked cap
156.Infantry sgt POE  peaked cap
157.Infantry sgt POM peaked cap
158.Infantry off POA peakedcap
159.Infantry off POE peaked cap
160.Infantry off POM peaked cap
161.Infantry off A frock/jumper,side cap, barrack dress
162.Infantry off E frock/jumper,side cap, barrack dress
163.Infantry off M frock/jumper,side cap, barrack dress
164.Infantry E, shell jacket peaked cap
165.Infantry M, shell jacket peaked cap
166.Naval  off A peak cap, gaiters
167.Naval  off E peak cap, gaiters
168.Naval  off M peak cap, gaiters
169.Naval  off A trop helmet,landing rig
170.Naval  off M trop helmet,landing rig
171.Sailor E landing rig
172.Sailor M landing rig
173.Sailor E landing rig, straw hat
174.Present day infantry man A peaked cap
175.Present day infantry man A beret
176.Highland off A full dress
177.Highland off M full dress
178.Officer  POA improved Wolseley helmet
179.Officer  POE improved Wolseley helmet
180.Officer  POM improved Wolseley helmet
181.NCO POA improved Wolseley helmet
182.NCO POE improved Wolseley helmet
183.NCO POM improved Wolseley helmet
184.RSM  POA peaked pill box cap
185.RSM  POE peaked pill box cap
186.RSM  POM  peaked pill box cap
187.Officer POA ball top helmet
188.Officer POE ball top helmet
189.Officer POM ball top helmet
190.Rifle   off POA improved Wolseley helmet
191.Rifle   off POE improved Wolseley helmet
192.Rifle   off POM improved Wolseley helmet
193.Guards  off A great coat
194.Guards  off E great coat
195.Guards  off M great coat
196.Rifle   off E great coat
197.Rifle   off M great coat
198.Rifle   off A great coat
199.Officer A pill box hat, great coat
200.Officer E pill box hat, great coat
201.Officer in pill box hat in great coat marching
202.Officer in pill box hat in marching order at attention.
203.Officer in pill box hat in marching order at ease
204.Officer in pill box hat in marching order marching
205.Infantry NCO in side cap in parade order at ease
206.Officer in ball top helmet in great coat at ease
207.Fusilier officer in parade order at attention
208.Fusilier officer in guard order at ease
209.Fusilier officer in marching order in frock marching
210.Guard's officer in marching order
( parade order tunic) at ease
211.Infantry officer slow march
212.Guard's officer slow march
213.Infantry bandmaster at attention
214.Infantry bandsmen A               
217.Fusilier bandsmen M               
224.Sailors in regulation dress A     
225.Sailors in regulation dress E     
226.Sailors in regulation dress M     
228.Bandsmen in peaked cap A          
229.Infantry in peaked cap in greatcoat
235.Rifle bandsmen M                  
236.Royal Marine bandsmen slow march  
238.Guards bandsmen slow march        
241.Seated bandsmen in peaked cap     
243.Seated bandsmen in guards bearskin
244.Seated sailor bandsmen in cap     
246.Infantry in side cap MO pa        
247.Infantry in shell jacket, Broderick cap E              
248.          ditto    M              
249.          ditto    A              
255.Highland bandsmen feather bonnet M
259.Infantrymen in peaked cap POA     
260.Infantrymen in peaked cap POE     
261.Hussar bandsmen dismounted M      
267.Sailor bandsmen in straw hat M    
271.Sailor bandsmen in cap M          
279.Sikhs MOM                         
282.Gurkha bandsmen at attention      
284.Gurkha MOA                        
285.Indian cavalrymen dismounted E    
286.Rifle bandsmen seated             
287.Infantry bandsmen seated          
288.Royal Marine bandsmen seated      
289.Seated bandsmen Artillery/Corps   
291.Seated sailor bandsmen in straw hat
292.Seated bandsmen bare headed       
297.Sikh bandmen marching             
304.Lancer bandsmen slow march        
306.Highlanders in feather bonnet MOM 
307.Highlanders in FSH MOM            
310.Highlanders in feather bonnet PO pa
311.Highlanders in FSH MO pa          
312.Highlanders in feather bonnet MOA 
313.Highlanders in feather bonnet MO pa
314.Scots fusiliers MOM                
315.Infantry in FSH MO pa             
319.Infantry in tropical helmets PO pa
320. Seated bandsman in pill box hat.
321. Infantry bandmaster in tropical helmet marching.     
322. Infantry bandsman in tropical helmet marching.
323. Infantry bass drummer in tropical helmet marching.
324. Hussar side drummer marching.
325. Infantry side drummer in tropical helmet marching.
326. Lifeguard dismounted at attention.
327. Modern policeman at ease.
328. Yeoman warder marching.
329. Gurkha in guard  order at attention
330. Rajput at attention.
331. Indian cavalryman dismounted at ease.
332. Guard of San Marino marching.
333. London Volunteer 1798 at attention.
334. Dervish warrior attacking.
335. Roman soldier marching in full impedimenta.
336. Line infantry officer in greatcoat marching.
337. Turkish Zouave in guard order marching.
338. French line infantryman in marching order marching.
339. French line infantryman in steel helmet marching.
340. French marine in marching order marching.
341. Colonial line infantryman in turned-up wide-awake hat guard order marching.
342. Russian line infantryman in guard order marching.
343. Indian line infantryman in guard order marching.
344. Austrian line infantryman in kepi in marching order marching.
345. Austrian line infantryman in forage cap in marching order marching.
346. German Askari in fez in marching order marching.
347. German line infantryman in broderick cap in marching order marching.
348. German line infantryman in spiked helmet in cover in marching order marching.
349. French colonial infantryman in marching order marching.
350. Belgian Grenadier in bearskin cap in marching order marching.
351. Belgian light infantryman in marching order marching.
352. Russian Cossack at ease.
353. United States line infantryman in steel helmet in marching order marching.
354. United States marine in marching order marching.
355. Zulu warrior standing at ease with spear or rifle and shield.
356. Wounded man on stretcher; can be carried by any figure in marching order marching,
using the stretcher bearers arms.
357. Falklands British Infantry in full kit.