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Soldiers' Soldiers - List of Abbreviations Used

MOA = Marching order at attention. 
MOM = Marching order marching.   
MOE = Marching order at ease.       
Marching order = Full equipment.     

POA = Parade order at attention.     
POM = Parade order marching.       
POE = Parade order at ease.           
Parade orde r= Waist belt only.        

FSH = Foreign service helmet.         
M/A/E = Marching/Attention/At ease.
PRO =Provost   
slm ra = Slow march,reversed arms      
pa = present arms
nco = Non commissioned officer      
off = officer  

GOA = Guard order at attention.
GOM = Guard order marching  
GOE = Guard order at ease.  
Guard order = Pouches and gaiters.

SOA = Skeleton order at attention.

SOM = Skeleton order marching.
SOE = Skeleton order at ease.
Skeleton order = Straps and belt but no pack.