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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The cost of property

The cost of property in our area, North Umbria is, after a two year slump, recovering. Easter saw a steady trickle of prospective house buyers anxious to secure bargains before the prices took off again. How about booking a property weekend based at La Preghiera, discussions, site visits, questions and answers.

Maybe property isn’t for you, but perhaps religion and history is. St Francis, lived and worked just down the road in Asissi, and passed up and down the Tiber Valley between his workplace and the isolated monastery of La Verna. We have many churches and religious buildings in the area and the church of La Preghiera, built on Roman, if not Etruscan, temple foundations is often used for the most wonderful and romantic weddings. The site gives full details and suggestions whilst accommodation in La Preghiera or Villa Moscatelli will provide rooms to satisfy the most discerning traveller.

Not too far from La Verna is Caprese Michaelangelo where the great man was born. He learned his trade from a small man in Perugia, Perugino. Giotto, Piero della Francesca, Fra Angelico, Rafaello and Lucca Signorelli all lived and laboured in our area and may well have banged on the door of La Preghiera looking for work. They were only, then, journeyman painters after all, and would undertake commissions for bed and board. Art treasures from the time of the Etruscans up until today are scattered throughout Umbria in galleries and churches. An artistic weekend could just be the boost you need to continue the year.
If not religion, or even art, then maybe architecture. The evidence remains within twenty kilometres between Sansepulcro, Citta’ di Castello, Gubbio, Umbertide, Perugia and Cortona. Etruscan, Roman, medieval, renaissance, empire, fascist and modern, both secular and ecclesiastical architecture, local churches and monasteries, castles and keeps.

George Clooney, they tell me: if he escapes the falling pianos; lives up the road, in Venice, and will soon start on a mass murder film about the serial killer of Florence. The Monster of Firenze, but I don’t know if Georgie is a goody, or a baddy. Maybe we’ll see some comparative location shots on one day where they already have some 500 films examined with about 14,000 stills.

Something for everyone in fact, and La Preghiera itself was started before records commenced and was finished a few years before Columbus set sail to find the Americas which the Chinese had discovered seventy years before, probably in 1421. Have you read the book?