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Monday, May 23, 2011

British Pound leapt up 5 cent against the Euro this Week

The Pound has jumped back up from a 13 month low of 1.10 up to 1.15, benefiting from higher levels of UK inflation (leading investors to increase their expectation of a currency boosting interest rate hike from the Bank of England) as well as Euro weakness, as the Greek debt crisis hits the headlines with renewed vigour. This difference enables us, through our currency partners, to obtain an extra €10,700 (12/5/11) for a client looking to transfer £200,000 to buy a house in Europe, or for any other reason. Email us for details.

Or, you could go to the High Street banks, and get the worst rate possible, and then a further undisclosed charge when the back office processes the transaction. Better by far are the British Post Office, clear clean rates, no hidden charges, cash in your hand, and a saving of over £800.00 on a € 10,000 exchange!

Aussie Dollars at all time high against the Euro.

Considerable savings to be made by trading your Dollars now if you are planning a holiday in Umbria or anywhere else in Europe. Highest rates now being achieved by our banking friends. Contact us for money saving details. You don’t need to book a holiday with us at or villa or even buy a house from us at or get married through in order to benefit from safe and regulated currency transactions, not handled by the High Street banks, and not through high-rental City of London firms.