Vintage Italian Postcards

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

End of Season Suggestions

Film Buffs,, come and discuss the merits of some 200 British films

Lead soldier enthusiasts,, come and view some 30,000 model figures

Property seekers,, 200 properties sold, 65 restored, come and talk to the “master”

Luxury accommodation,, ……………treat yourself with end of season discounts.

Villa rentals,, ……..or bring a group of friends for self catering

Weddings,, if you’re thinking of getting hitched, have a look at this site

English language,, fascinated by words? This is where the Dislexicon began

Ryanair are offering penny flights, there and back, Stanstead to Bologna Forli, just an hour and 50 minutes from us. A closer airport, Asissi/Perugia also has Ryanair flights, and it’s only 20 minutes away

And what’s Umbria like? Look at

Contact Neal on for bookings, we’ve only got 11 rooms, and the season ends on 15th October

Best wishes

Liliana and John Tunstill