Vintage Italian Postcards

Monday, May 22, 2006

Well quite a flood of guests this last week, Villa Moscatelli full, and lots of space taken in the main house. People from Italy, France, England and America, and several people wanting to, or in the process of, buying and renovating local properties.
All the guests want to know about the local wines, the food and the restaurants. Wine being such a big business is surrounded by hype and foolishnes perpetuated by advertising agents and producers of glossy table top books. Believe none of it, be guided by your own taste, not a preconceived idea of fashion, but taste as imbibed by nose, tongue, lips and mouth. Don't be fooled by price, often the prices are determined by the amount paid through the advertising budget to create an awareness; look at the cheap trainers with a little "tick" on them that people buy for hundreds of dollars, look at cheap clothes and shoes sold through "outlet" malls at mega mark-ups in relation to their manufacturing costs. So it often is with wine. Consider the small producer with no advertising or PR budget, is his wine therefore inferior? Come to Umbria and we'll organise a wine tasting for you, and then YOU can make up YOUR mind which wines are the best, for
At the same time we'll send you to the Vecchio Granaio, I Mandriani, Archibugio, Preledio and Erba Luna restaurants to sample local produce, and steer you clear of two or three places where the cost of the meal is worked out as you go along, and depends on your nationality. A couple of places to definately avoid!
The kind lady at the Erba Luna the other night, because she had read about our huge collection of postcards in a local magazine, runmmaged in the back room and found me a set of cards of Montone, made in the 1950's, what gems, what kindness, but, after all, here in Umbria, "a stranger is a friend as yet unmet".