Vintage Italian Postcards

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

This week...

Postcard prices continue to rise, making the hobby a wonderful investment as well as a pleasure.

This week we’ve had interest in Italian naval matters selling some wonderful picture postcards of the 1930’s Italian Navy. A keen collector has bought a quantity of Italian Royalty cards, specialising on Queen Margarita and her children.

Military cards are still moving ahead with sales of Alpini (see the photo), Carabinieri and Infantry cards. Also going well, but more slowly, artist named cards of pretty girls, donnine, in Italian, little women. Names like Mauzan, Corbella and Usabal always improve the value of these attractive cards.

But, as ever, the main interest is always for the topographical cards, the smaller town and villages throughout the country command premium prices.
See !