Vintage Italian Postcards

Monday, February 06, 2006

Subject: Pre WW1 Post cards of Italy

Hello John,
My name is Jim McCleary I'm from Boston Ma. I found your web
site completely by accident, a very nice one I might add.

..............How kind of you to write.

I have roughly 150 old post cards from through Italy. The majority are in very good to
excellent condition, about 100 are used 50 or so are blank. The subjects are somewhat
varied. I am not a dealer or a collector. I have used these cards to travel in my mind with the help of the internet to your beautiful country. It’s amazing to see the areas what they looked like then and what they look like now. It must have been nice to have that kind of money and time back in the early 1900s to be able to travel like these people did. I am somewhat considering parting with them but on the other hand wouldn’t mind keeping them also, as they do not take up any room and I don't have to feed them.

...............Your blank cards would have been bought because many people didn't own cameras, and they bought them for their own memories as well as local friends, and therefore didn't need to be posted
If I were to part with them I would like to see them go to someone who would enjoy them as I have. I also have a number of cards from England, France, Germany, Egypt and Greece as well. These people travelled
extensively throughout Europe. A lot of those cards are blank also but then again most used. The cards I really found interesting are the early German cards, quite a few of the seans pictured on the cards no longer exist
today. Many of those grand old buildings and what have you were destroyed do the extensive bombing of our allied forces. But so be it, unfortunately it couldn’t be helped. I googled the town and area you live in I'm jealous, very nice. That’s how I found you, because I think one or two of the cards are from Umbria or that area. Love that old Monastery that they turned into an Inn in your town. And your museum looks very interesting. I understand you.

Well John It's been a pleasure let me know what your wishes are and I'll make some sort of arrangement for you to preview the cards. Unfortunately I don't own a digital camera or a scanner but we can work something out.

Ciao Jim

...........I've attached my "wants" list and maybe some of the cards will correspond
with my requirements. I'll put your letter onto our blog on the website

........Thanks again

------- John Tunstill