Vintage Italian Postcards

Friday, December 03, 2004

Cartoline Tunstill

After a year’s absence we are now surfacing after spending most of our time, and money on the restoration of a small monastery in the middle of Umbria,, and at the same time rebuilding houses for our clients,, and opening a museum of lead soldiers,

Soon we will start again on scanning the postcards from our collection to place on the website, and catching up with all the requests that we have had during the last twelve months.

We are also starting to produce articles for various postcard magazines, both here in Italy and also in England, and are offering to a variety of Italo / American, or Italo / Australian journals, postcards and also prints taken from the postcards, as historical background for their third generation immigrant readers.

This postcard collection, the Tunstill Archive, covers every aspect of the social fabric of Italy, from princes to paupers, beauties to beasts, the good, the bad and the ugly. All human life is encompassed in these small pictures...